Favorite Places

Glacier National ParkIMG_4812

Stunning views from this vast park have made it one of my favorite places to visit! Not only that but it is a short drive across the border from my Canadian home.

Banff National Park


Do I even need to say why this is my favorite place?

Jasper National Park


Just another add on to the Canadian Rockies but it may be the best spot yet. A bit quieter than Banff and still some of the most stunning places.

Kootenay National Park


Located in British Columbia, this park has some hidden Gems worth finding. I spend a lot of time in this park.

Waterton National Park


This is my favorite park. It is where I fell in love with hiking. It is a quiet park in the southwest corner of Alberta, very close to my home. The best places are usually a day hike to find, but totally worth the work.