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My name is Katie Goldie and I am a 25 year old growing up living in Alberta, Canada. I have always lived close to the mountains and ever since I was a child I would spend the summer and all holidays at our family cabin nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. I feel this is where my love for the great outdoors has always stemmed.

Currently travel and photography take up most of my time. I spend a lot of time in the Canadian Rockies but have many trips planned out of Canada throughout the year. I make money through my photography to afford my travels. I always believe in the power of following your passion and it’s what I plan to do.

My goal is to inspire individuals to get outside and understand why the natural world is so precious. I want to inspire others to see the beautiful places I photograph as well as protect them. Most of all I want everyone to know it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I Love your photos and your experiences. Chris Istace shared some of you’re stuff through insta gram. Love it! I’ve been hiking around Banff, Canmore, lake lousie, jasper, golden areas since I was 8. I’ve done More day hike kind of adventures since that age but really want to get into backpacking and hit some trails I usually wouldn’t see. I use you recently as inspiration to see a bunch of these hikes/climbs you do and shows me an appreciation for what you do and see come the weekend time. I just want to say thanks you for sharing, and maybe one day I’ll be able to ask you questions and hear about your experiences! Cheers!


    1. Chris is the best! Backpacking will change your life! I never want to hike any other way anymore. I was afraid of carrying so much weight at first but now I love the feeling of a heavy pack! I’m so glad I can be an inspiration. I love to explore and share new places for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for following along and the response. See you on the trail!


  2. I’ve just read all your blogs and enjoyed them very much. The combination of photos and description almost makes me feel on the journey. My wife and I had a great time visiting BC & Alberta in Sept 2014. Our daughter was in Whistler were we spent a week or so, I did Full Note Trail up Whistler Peak with my daughter and in a minor way can appreciate your passion for hiking mountains. Also got to appreciate the Rockies in all their magnificence driving/staying Jasper to Banff and taking in as much as we could on the way. So I have enjoyed following you on Instagram both for your inspirational “journeys” and bringing back memories of our wonderful overseas trip.


  3. Katie! Was asking Jan today when you are coming back…and she told me about your travels. Then Adina did some searching and Voila! We found your blog. How cool is your life, I had no idea you were into travel photography!! So awesome. I guess Blaine and I will be living vicariously through you for the next while! In other news…Callie told Blaine on the weekend that she wanted to go ‘home’ (Narnia) to see Ro-Ro (Rowen)…not sure if I should be insulted or not, but I figured your mom would be pretty tickled, lol! Safe travels!!


    1. Hey Steph!
      So glad you are following my travels! Yes i seem to have two different sides to my life! I do miss all the littles at the Daycare so much! I will be back next week for a little bit of time before I am off again. I am glad you discovered the blog! Just a tiny diary of my travels. Hope to see you soon, until then hopefully enjoy some photos 🙂


  4. Hey girl!
    Gorgeous pictures 🙂
    Wondering how you got started with photography and what your first camera was?? Any tips for newbies??



    1. Hey! Check out the “Instagram” blog I posted. It has all about how it started. As for my first camera…it was an iphone! If you want a first starter DSLR than I recommend the canon t5i. Happy shooting!


  5. Hi there, I stumbled upon one of your photos on Instagram and was compelled to follow the links and see your work!!!! Amazing stuff. Seriously. Good on you for going for it. I hope it lasts as long as it can!!!!l look forward to seeing more.


  6. Hi! I got really into photography these days and I stumbled upon your instagram. I really like the colour of your photos, do you use any type of program to edit your stuff? Thank you so much!


  7. Oh my God. so wonderful for your journey. i’m very excited to read your blog. you are the one of my inspirational to travel this world. i will always follow your every journey. success for you Katie Goldie 🙂


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