Magic at Mount Engadine Lodge


I was lucky enough to be invited back for a second time to Mt. Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis for Father’s day with my Dad. I though I would surprise him with the little stay and spend some time that I don’t often get when I am always traveling. I really find this lodge to be one of my favorites.

It is situated off the Peter-Lougheed gravel road deep in the heart of Kananskis. Resting near a winding wetland giving way to a dramatic view of Mountains this lodge placed in one of the most stunning parts of this road. It is also close to three very worth while hikes. The “Fist” mountain stands out above the rest as its beauty almost overpowers the other peaks. Unless you look to the North, then another Pyramid mountain known as “Nester’s” Mountain powers over the river near the bridge. This place is full of photo opportunities.
My dad and I arrived in the afternoon and were given the most delicious afternoon snack of a cheese platter with three decadent desserts. We sat on the deck looking at the view in the warm sunshine, finally catching up. We met other guests and made some new friends. Before dinner we took a walk down to the creek and lazily explored.


Before dinner started we were fortunate enough to spot a Grizzly across the wetland. The Lodge had a basket of binoculars so we could get a better look. He was beautiful.

Dinner is always exceptional here. I am a Vegetarian and they made an amazing falafel platter for me with some of the most amazing season vegetables. Others had fall off the bone Bison, one of the Lodge’s specialties. Dinner was as filling as the conversation with the other guests. After dinner we had coffee near the fire inside. I had just finished three weeks in the car road tripping through the Rockies, a shower and warm bed were greatly appreciated.


The next morning I got up very early to catch sunrise. As I crept down to the wetland a massive Bull Moose stood in front of me with his cow behind. They were a little concerned with my presence but let me get some photos of them before they crept into the trees as the sun rose. It was extremely special to be the only one around with the beautiful creatures.

Breakfast was very satisfying as we wrapped up our stay at the lodge. They packed us a lunch and we set off for a small hike before heading home. My dad and I went to Kananaskis Lakes and hiked around a small wetland out there. What a nice way to finish my trip. Less than a week until my next trip to Europe as well. The Lodge holds magic and I recommend spending a night here one day.

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