Gold Coast Australia



Well the Gold Coast is nothing short of golden I can assure you! I always seem to end up in places that sound like my last name! It was a short stay at the Gold Coast but I sure made the most of it, I don’t think I missed a sunrise or a sun set all week which you will be able to tell by my images. I will give a little insight into how my week went here and what I would recommend if you find yourself in the Gold Coast.

The week started off with my first stay at the Q1 Hotel Spa and Resort. I was put up in the most incredible room with a beautiful view of the skyline and beach. It made photos that evening very easy for me, right from my porch.

From Q1 Resort and Spa

The next morning was an early start at 4am to catch sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon! We went with Hot Air Gold Coast and the whole experience was lovely. I’ve never been in a Hot air Balloon before and it was so quiet. No motors, just the occasional sound of the fire being ignited. You could hear all the animals below and we just drifted in the slight breeze as the sun came up. We got a lovely breakfast after the ride. A wonderful morning.

Hot Air Gold Coast

After that amazing ride I spent most of the week catching sunrise and sunsets from different beach locations. We went to a few national parks and a Wildlife Center. It was quite filled! I even attended a Instameet where I had the pleasure of meeting many new friends. The people of Australia are all so very friendly and some awesome photographers live here!

An epic Sunrise on Burleigh Heads Beach
Sunset in Lamington National Park
Sunrise with the birds at Currumbin Beach
A cheeky forest Kookaburra


Drive to Lamington National Park

We had one day of long hiking to Morans Falls. The sunset was almost missed but we caught it just in time. It was absolutely incredible. Later that week I checked into the Qt Resort and Spa. That was a very very cool place. It had a hip young vibe and was located right on surfers paradise. I really liked that hotel!

Morans Falls
Sunrise from my hotel at Qt Resort and Spa

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