Spring Time in Golden, BC

This past weekend I spent some time out in Golden, British Columbia to host an instameet and take in the Mountain festival. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a great little place to come home to after Norway. I was able to meet so many great mountain people and we shared some fun in the great outdoors! Here is what we got up to!

I started the weekend out with meeting Andy for sunrise out at a lookout point by the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. We ended up seeing four Black Bears in our short morning walk! Two cubs were very adorable while they were playing, ignoring us completely. The mom was around but she retreated into the bush when she saw us.



We then met at the lovely Reflection Pond to have a little breakfast before our Instameet at Columbia Wetlands Adventures. When we went to the Columbia Wetlands we were met with many eager individuals. Most of which are from Golden which I loved to see. The wetlands were amazing, a world renown wetland that is the source of the largest river flow into the Pacific Ocean through the Columbia River. Over 216 animal and bird species make their home here. I met so many awesome people who all loved the outdoors and photography. We played in the canoes and checked out the amazing little boat house cabin.



The next day I was invited to Join Glacier Raft Company to raft down the kicking horse river. Wow! Amazing fun! I thought it might be a bit scary but it was really safe. The guides are so great and knowledgeable that I didn’t have a worry all day, just a lot of fun. We had a campfire and lunch and continued down the river. It was a perfect rainy day activity.


Monday I had to leave but I decided to take a little skirt up Kicking Horse Mountain Resort to take in the views. It was pretty beautiful. Such a nice moody day on the mountain and a wonderful way to end the weekend. I can’t wait to get back to Golden.


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