The Importance of Self-Study and Yoga Teacher Training


I recently Finished a Yoga Teacher Training course in Whistler British Columbia with Yogacara Teacher Training. It was a pretty amazing experience with so many amazing new people I met and build a strong bond with. There were seven Women all together and our two Teachers, Juan and Emily.
I arrived late the day of the training due to a miscalculated detour to some hot springs with Taylor Burk, when we finally found the hot springs I was already running behind and I flagged down two boys leaving for Whistler to hop a ride with so the rest of the group didn’t have to turn round. Then another problem… I had no idea where I parked my car in Whistler because I followed my friends without taking note of which suburb I parked. I couldn’t text Taylor because he was out of service and I couldn’t make my new found ride drive around aimlessly trying to track down my car… I have no idea how I do this to myself. So panicked because I was already late for my very important training course I hired a cab to look for my car. Wow how stupid was that. After a $50 dollar cab fair and no car I gave up and decided to wait for Taylor to come back into service so I could get the address of where I parked. When I finally did make it to the retreat center for the training I was relieved I wouldn’t be driving for the next 16 days. I arrived 4 hours late, Perfect Blonde moments of mine.

The training taught me so much that would have been useful for my panic lost car moments. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice and I am so glad at what the training taught me about the spiritual side. We learnt many poses and obviously how to teach them to others but it was intertwined with meditation and why we practice yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle choice of non-violence and so many other traits which I strongly believe in. It was like all of my true beliefs were written down on paper and placed into words for me. I am most thankful for the tools I can now share with others about yoga and what it can bring to your life.

I had someone once ask me, “Don’t you miss home, being on the road all the time?” My response is yes and no, home is not always a physical place but it can be a mental one as well. Just because we were born in a particular area doesn’t mean that we feel most at home there. Home is where you make it, and I do miss my Family, Friends and my cat (Jinx) often but I have to remember that I will always return to see them soon. I am not a perfect person (like everyone) and I do get sad sometimes while always being away. Often it isn’t because I am away from home it is because I have to leave people I have met and began to care about. Leaving the yoga training was a tough day for me because I had spent such a spiritual journey with these amazing people that I had to leave. How do you deal with that weight, that heavy heavy sadness of loss and moving on? I took a lot of the training practices in mind that day. Sometimes letting go of people or places allows for new people and places to come into our lives. If we are always holding onto the past and letting it rule us we will not get to see what else this beautiful world has to offer, and trust me there is always something or someone new on the way. Sometimes letting go is the best way to bring happiness back. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to feel sad, but when you feel sad, feel it deeply and let it take you but then let it go. Be real about why you feel that way (in my case I had to leave my new friends and I was going on the road in Europe which was so new to me and I was scared) but face it and then free yourself to a new experience.

Throughout this training I found out a lot about myself. I am a very strong person in heart and in confidence but I have a very difficult time letting go. I can’t seem to let go of people, experiences and places but the thing is, when I do the next most beautiful thing comes into my life. How inconvenient that I love to travel so much where life is constantly about letting go of people and places. This might be something you have trouble with, so be real and ask yourself where can my life use improvement. Read this book “Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele and I guarantee it will make you improve upon yourself. Self study is so important for times in your life when you need to know your faults so you can better deal with them thus opening yourself up to the fullness of life. It is easier said than done but with meditation we can bring so much more happiness to ourselves and others.

I find that running and hiking bring me back into balance more than anything I do. Finding what makes you feel balanced can be a useful tool for when you have feelings of sadness. Don’t run from non-ideal feelings, they are there to make the ideal feelings more worth it. We have experiences in our life that can be so full and so beautiful and instead of dwelling on leaving those experiences we should be thankful they happened at all, and trust that the universe will bring us something again. We can’t be high on top of the mountain all of the time. We need to have the lows in life as well. They are essential. Hopefully this encourages you to take a little bit of a deeper look into your own life and what you can be thankful for today.

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