Joshua Tree with Eddie Bauer

This was a very short trip to Joshua tree but a very fun trip with some amazing people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I basically flew straight from New Zealand to Joshua tree to meet with the Eddie Bauer crew and the ambassadors like myself. We enjoyed a day of climbing and camping in the little desert area near Palm Springs.

Seven Pitches were set out for us of all Skill levels.

Climbing outside is pretty much an entirely different game than gym climbing, so I was overjoyed trying that out. I did a few lines that challenged me and our guide was super helpful in teaching me to work through problems. It was a great afternoon. There is something so meditative about climbing that I failed to notice before. The way your mind becomes consumed with the problems of the rock, they way every thought fades away because you are completely consumed with the task at hand, or you’d fall. Basically climbing forces you out of your head and when you do reach the top of the pitch, a huge sense of accomplishment and release is felt almost as good as a submit of a mountain. And that was only felt in a short afternoon! Imagine how practiced climbers feel.

Jacob Moon means a little bit more business than the rest of us…
Christian is sending hard!
Jacob is mastering this chimney.

Our fun group soon went back to camp and had some crazy good food with some awesome conversation around the fire. It was your typical night of funny and passionate camp stories being tossed around a chilly desert night between a circle of new friends. It is funny how we adventurous type people can all come together and feel like we have all known each other our whole lives. I am so excited to be working with the company because they stand for everything I believe in. What an amazing outdoor community I have been involved in and for that I am deeply thankful.

Pretty Joshua Tree National Park

The other ambassadors had so much talent to offer. All emerged in the outdoors and completely my kind of people. My good friends Cristian and Holly were at the meet up so it was great to see them and build our friendships further. I also met an amazing girl named Caley who I met up with the next week to bike in Vancouver with.

It was a short weekend couple days but just enough to feel connected to one another and apart of something bigger, a community in which we all share in our social media lives, intertwined together. Eddie Bauer is truly a company that is more concerned about bringing people together than anything else and that is something I am glad to be a part of.

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