South Island NZ

So I have done a pretty poor job keeping up with this blog, but can you blame me in a place as beautiful as New Zealand?! So I headed to Abel Tasman after crossing the Ferry to Picton and the South Island. I have summed up a series of memorable “Stories” from the past few weeks. Pick and choose the stories, I can’t promise they will all be entertaining (man I’m really selling you on this eh?).

That Belgium Guy I met on Abel Tasman.

Okay so the title to this story is a bit weird, but I owe this guy some credit because at this point on my trip I hadn’t had a full conversation with anyone for four days. So I had an interesting time trying to book Abel Tasman walk (a great walk in NZ) I tried to book it on a weekend for that day and obviously there wasn’t any space. I booked two non-ideal spots for the following day instead, taking what I could get. I spent a night at Wharariki beach (not apart of this walk) which proved to be quite worth it. Then I went and drove down to camp at Abel Tasman. It was a lousy short walk to my camp, something like two hours and then I had the entire afternoon to lounge. And don’t get me wrong it was pretty beautiful. White sand beaches and clear blue water, it reminded me of the Caribbean. I wished to kayak the walk but they wouldn’t rent one single person kayak out, too dangerous or something silly.

Wharariki Beach

I got bored pretty fast and waited until a reasonable time to cook dinner. Then this Belgium boy showed up, he looked pretty exhausted and he told me his name but of course I forget it now. We had dinner together and he was actually quite a funny guy, I hadn’t laughed that hard since Bec and Andrew had left so I was thankful for his company. We joked a lot about our cultural differences. He made me realize how desperate I was for human company and how much I rely on others to feel okay and not alone. We parted in the morning with a new temporary friendship and a new insight of my comforts. I knew I needed some mountains ASAP, so that’s where I headed next.

Morning Sunrise on the Abel Tasman Track
Wish I was the one Kayaking…

My Near Lost iPhone Tragedy

These stories have so much more to them than I can tell you, but I will try to condense them for you so they don’t bore you at all. Basically I got into Nelson Lakes area late afternoon and very keen to start walking. I was lucky enough to score the last spot in the Angelus Hut and was pretty stoked on that. I walked myself to speargrass hut for the first evening and met two older ladies who caught my attention. Both were in there 60’s and spending 9 days in the backcountry. They were carrying 9 days of food on their backs and pulling in 8 hour days. I really took a liking to them and they joined me at the Angelus Hut the following evening.

The climb up to that hut the next day was quite a haul. At least 900m elevation and I was just starting to build my mountain legs at this point. The hut was absolutely beautiful and I was instantly in love. Bec told me to climb Mt. Angelus which I wanted to do but was skeptical on climbing it alone. I met two fellow Canadians that were also wanting to climb the mountain in the morning, problem solved. Both of them were from the east side of Canada but they were very different. Taylor was 24 and just finished his engineering degree and travelling before work. The other man (forgot his name) was middle aged software producer on a holiday. It was interesting to talk to them and hear their takes on the world, forever helping me discover my own take on this world. They convinced me to join them to the bush line hut for the last night. I was going to head down to the car park but I realized there is no rush, and I quite liked having the company. On the way down I left my pocket open where my phone was stored as I shot a quick “I’m alive” text to my Dad. When we got to the hut after a 4 hour walk I realized my pocket was open and the phone was gone. I instantly freaked right out and started walking up the track without telling my friends why I had left… I was in my sandals. I remember the last place I had checked the phone and felt like a basset hound on the trail with my nose to the ground. My life is on that phone, emails, contacts, maps and my lifeline to home. This was oozing through my mind the whole time. How silly I rely on such a small device. I walked an extra hour and a half with no luck. I went back to the hut and my friends were concerned about where and why I disappeared. I decided to check the hut once again because I was so panicked. The phone was in the other closed pocket, the one I failed to check. Of course it was right where I left it. An easy lesson.

On our Summit up to Mt Angelus

Weirdly enough the older man left at midnight from the hut during my heavy sleep. I only knew this because Taylor told me in the morning once I looked across to him over the empty mat. Taylor and I headed out and I offered him a ride to the nearest pub to grab some fish and chips. We parted ways after that and I headed south.

Taylor, the fish and chips loving Engineer


New Lifelong Friends

Rain had set in on the west coast as I made my trip down. Alone again I was eager to make new friends and find new walks so I wanted to get south to the mountains. I got a message from a mutual friend saying he would be in Queenstown that Friday so I was keen to meet up with him. My friend from home, Taylor Burk, had recommended we do some travel together. When I picked this man up from the airport he was shoeless on the side of the highway and had a most impressive beard. His long hair gave my hair a run for it’s money. I was so sceptical at first but I knew there must be sometime special about him for Taylor to be so keen about us meeting. And he is special, in fact Geoff may be one of the most selfless people I know. We met up with a few other instagrammers that were in the area for the next couple days and we wanted to get up to some mountain nonsense starting in Wanaka.

That wild Geoff
Rachel on the Hooker River Bridge
Scary Jump to this spot Geoff…

I soon met Rachel and Dan later that day. Both of them were from the North Island and so in love with photography. They gave me a new light in my passion for photography while I watched them stay out late and rise early to get the shots they wanted. Such kind local people I was surrounded with and it made me feel so great to be a apart of the group. We headed to Mt. Cook and walked to Hooker Lake. Geoff continued to teach me about the mountain plants and birds and how damaging people have been to the environment in New Zealand. He told me about his work with conservation and the work he has done for the plants, water and wildlife for New Zealand and I have to say I was pretty inspired to the point of asking myself what I have done for this world when he has done so much.
Saying goodbye to these friends was pretty difficult. Geoff said he would be back before I left and I was glad to have a friend to look forward to seeing in the future. The life lessons he has taught me about environment will stay with me for life and I thank him deeply for being so positively influential in my life. He did come back, but that story is for another time.


Get Walking Katie
After my friends departed I had that lonely feeling yet again. If I could tell you or teach you anything from this nomadic life it’s that you’re heart gets broken often. It seems like nothing lasts forever and you are always meeting and departing the most amazing people. Don’t let me discourage you though, these relationships I make with people and places are worth every minute of heartbreak easily.
I decided to get in the back country for a few days, I find that when I am walking it helps sooth my pain and I can find that next thing that makes leaving so difficult. I started at the aspiring hut, wishing to camp. When I arrived the DOC warden greeted me with this conversation, “You looking to camp?” I said, “Yes, they said if I gave you a $5 note I can camp by the hut.” He looked and said “Yeah or you can walk ten feet to the river and camp for free.”
What a cool Warden. I ended up staying in the hut instead because I like being around people and meeting new people. I did meet some rather cool people there too after I did a sticky climb up to the top of the valley ridge line.

Cheeky Kea at the Aspiring Hut terrorizing the campers!

I met a Canadian friendly boy who was WOLFing in town and another Texas man who was actually a photographer for Miss America. He had some interesting stories to share! I also met two kiwi boys camping who were very easy on the eyes. They ended up getting terrorized by the Kea all night and when I said goodbye to them in the car park later it looked like they were happy to leave.
I ended up hiking up to the Liverpool hut with having the French Ridge hut also on my radar, however weather was not cooperating. The climb to the Liverpool hut was probably the most challenging walk I did in New Zealand. It was not a long hike but incredibly steep and made be use every ounce of mental and physical power. I liked it. I came down before dark however because I was not keen to do that track in the ran the next day. At least I made it up there.
After my little excursion in Mt Aspiring I headed back to Wanaka where my friends from Seattle would soon be arriving and I would have more upcoming adventures with them.

Liverpool Hut

Greg, Adam, Josh and Adam Oh MY!

Finally these boys were to arrive! I knew they had New Zealand in their travel plans and we made a point to meet up and travel together for a bit. These guys are such amazing boys. They are from Seattle and each of them has a talent that makes them beautiful as a whole. Greg and Adam K. were the first of these boys that I had met, back in December if you can remember. I had met Adam W. or AJ back in January as well. Josh was the newest friend for me to meet but I knew if he had made that group he was probably cool.

Cheeky Josh
Adam Kingman, cool as ever.

I compartmentalized each of the guys in the group. Greg is the dad, he plans to be on time to things and if they are safe and legal. AJ is the soul, one heart to heart chat with him and you understand life a little better. He also is mean at guitar. Adam K. is the cook. He prepares the meals and brings the group together. Josh is the kid, he is the one who keeps the group young and always has a crazy idea. Somehow it all meshed perfectly and I was lucky enough to be involved. I don’t really know what my purpose was, probably had something to do with finding walks but who knows.

Soulful Inspiring Adam Wells

It would be really difficult for me to go through all the adventures we shared together. We hiked to Muller hut, we camped on mountain peaks, we went on an alpine plane together and we shared countless nights with the guitar and good food aside our cars. Man I miss this even while I write and reflect back on it. We shared some pretty amazing times together and I hope we can come together again one day and do it again.

Quick One Greg, out for a Paddle
Places, people and Sunrises
Those Camp Vibes
Beach Fire
Windy Sunset at Muller Hut
Greg and I had some fun night shooting in the wind at Muller Hut
These guys 🙂
Happy Adam, riding shotgun
Flight of Dreams
Our Last Walk together, Up Mt. Alfred

Milford Track

I parted from the boys in order to do the Milford track. I had the four Day walk booked about six months ago and was looking forward to seeing why it was so popular. I parked up at Te Anua Downs in order to start the walk by Boat. It was raining the first day but I only had an hour of track to cover so I was quite alright with it. The dense rain forest like atmosphere had my spirits high. I was looking forward to having some constant walking for the next bit. I was the first to the hut (which surprised me) and a boy from Toronto was behind me shortly after. He told me I moved quick and we talked for a bit about what brought us to New Zealand. I then had a nap before dinner.
I met two other ladies from the North Island at dinner where I shared stories with them about tracking NZ and my photography. They agreed to be models for me the next few days so I could get some adventure photos. Not having models is a huge problem, I am not a selfie queen and setting up a tripod for a shot new kills me.

Wonderful New Friends

We got completely and utterly lucky on the day over the McKinnon Pass (highest point on the track).  So lucky in fact I feel like I used up all my good luck. It was a beautiful blue bird day and we could see the entire valley. the valley would be unseen for the next two weeks after that day due to weather. It was a wonderful 10 hour day.

Spoiled with a cloudless Day on the Pass

I met a British man in his 40’s who had been traveling for over two years due to a job loss and broken engagement. He was very interesting to me, he was basically living like me, playing the YOLO game but as a responsible adult. I respected him a lot and we ended up going swimming under the tallest waterfall in New Zealand together later that day. The pure pressure of the water falling was the most liberating and intense force I have ever been close to.

My British Friend

We were both pretty overjoyed by the whole experience. I didn’t take my camera here, free to enjoy it fully without a lens. I think its essential to enjoy the experiences with and without a camera, you can get so much out of both.
I headed out of Milford the next day in the pouring rain. It was pissing the entire time without a break. When I arrived at sand fly point to get the boat back to the sound I was a tiny bit ready to be out of the rain-forest. I later got to Milford and met with the boys and we hit up a bit of kayaking before going back to Te Anau to get my car and to pick up Geoff who had come back to meet me.

Raining in the Milford Sound? Always.
Those boys again, our goodbye Kayak

Endings suck, but they Lead to New Beginnings

My last week in New Zealand. Not an easy story to write about because it was the best week of my trip and my emotions are still very present about it. I am gone and still not ready to leave. Geoff spent the last week with me as we played in Milford, traveled to Dunedin and hiked the Routeburn. There are a hundred countless stories from this last week but I won’t share the details, just some pictures here. What I will share however is the fact that it took leaving New Zealand to know that I have to go back. I plan to go back for a year after the Canadian Summer. I have never felt so free and at home before than I did in that country. I lived on little and have never felt more full. I am glad to have been able to experience such happiness in my life, even if I don’t make it back I am still very thankful for the clarity that the country has given me in my life. There is so much more ahead and I am excited to move forward to the next chapters, hopefully you’ll join me. Get ready!

That Line on the Horizon blew up into color
Lighthouses and Salty Air
Beautiful Albatross
Sunrise in Dunedin
Quick Kayak pull off before some Bridge Camping
Routeburn! So lucky to have the rain clear!


I destroyed my leg for this shot.
A wonderful ending to a trip of a lifetime in New Zealand.

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