California Dreaming

After Spending some Quality Time in the Rockies, Elisabeth took me to California to show me her world. First stop was Big Sur, a place I have dreamed about visiting. It is always something special when those dreams come true. We headed to Yosemite with Tenaya Lodge soon after. Here is my week in Pictures…

We started at Pfieffer Beach straight from the airport. I was so excited to get this sunset. It was on my bucket list for quite some time. We set up and my SD card wouldn’t go into my camera! It was broken and I didn’t have a spare. Thank gosh there was 100 photographers and the fellow next to me borrowed me an extra. Whew!


We stayed at our mutual friend, Christian’s house that evening. And she is as cool as I thought she would be. She was down to explore the next day with us so all three of us set out for sunrise at Bixby Bridge.
We skipped coffee before sunrise. I was not a happy camper.
It turned out alright after we got the best Burritos ever at a cafe down the road. I may of also had like 12 cups of coffee as well… We then did this wonderful little hike across from Mcquay Falls. Forest fresh goodness.
Looking at all that blue from the top.
If you know Christian, you know she loves her sun stars…
We ventured out to an Elephant Seal beach. I have never been so entertained. This massive animals just fight, squeal, bark, mate and kill their offspring by accident. We watched them for at least an hour. Later I used Christians phone to look something up and saw her search engine to “Life span of an Elephant Seal” I laughed pretty good.
This may in Fact be the most beautiful Place in the world. I haven’t seen the whole world yet though so it’s a guess.
Sunset at Mcquay. Yep. Prettiest place.
We headed to Yosemite after that. Straight to our lodge which was an amazing place just outside of Yosemite.
We spent the next day chasing waterfalls. Elisabeth took this photo of me getting dangerous again!
I am always happiest chasing waterfalls and being outside. Thanks for the photo again Elisabeth.
Yosemite did not disappoint. We were hosting an Instameet in Badger’s pass in a few days so we were trying to get all the sunrises and sunsets we could. Half dome is pictured above.
Christian showed up to play after this day, along with some of my other favorite California friends like Adam, Denise and Karan from our Oregon trip.
We hiked most of four mile before some nasty weather came in so we turned back. Still pretty spectacular.
Before the instameet we were already running late when we came upon this. We were more late after this…
The instameet was awesome. Met up with so many new friends and people I had been following for a while. We snow shoed up in Badgers pass and came down to enjoy delicious pre-ordered burritos (if any one knows me they know burritos are my thing) We got back to find out a group of people not hosting the instameet had taken all of our burritos! Trying to relax, we can get new ones I thought, we soon found out they ran out of burritos. My heart was broken. It wasn’t too bad however for we bonded over the Burrito Bandits and laughed about how our lunch was stolen while we ate burgers.
We Left the valley the next morning in the snow. It had snowed all night, what a magical place and another amazing week for my memories.

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