Those PNW Vibes


The Day after Christmas I took of to the Pacific Northwest with some amazing new and old Friends. We had the best time making snap chats and creating memories as we drove non-stop from Sacramento to Washington and down the Coast. Here is what we got up to!

We started off our trip at Crater Lake, which may have been the longest night of my life. Ok, I’ve had some awful nights so this wasn’t the worst but we did drive here from the airport after the guys picked me up at midnight. I didn’t have a seat in the car due to all our luggage so I was squeezed into the console where I awkwardly slept curled in a ball. When I woke, 9ft of snow surrounded us and the wind was howling. Thinking we had a 5 mile hike to this spot we opted for sleep rather than chasing sunrise since the weather looked displeasing. As we expected the light was flat. What we didn’t expect was the lake was more of a 5 min walk.  
Even though Crater lake was a bit of a bust, the snow surrounding was so amazing! The trees were heavily covered and made for some pretty snowy pictures with the Escalade.
We kept driving north to Mt. Hood. We thought we would catch sunrise at Trillium Lake which, of course we didn’t expect the long hike in so sunrise was caught on the trail. when we got to the lake Mt. Hood was hidden in cloud. So I guess I have to come back? 🙂
We spent some quality time at a motel in Hood River as we explored the area. Hood River was a cute little Mountain town. This farm land was too peaceful not to capture.
We made some time exploring the Columbia River gorge. It looked like Iceland on this chilly morning by the river.
And then we found the Waterfalls. That’s Oregon right? Adam hit the shutter for the wet rainy shot. Challenging shooting conditions this day!
This was a tough one to find.. obviously if you’ve been here you’ll understand my sarcasm.
Nice Shoes Karan… from
More waterfalls… (Elowah Falls)
Horsetail Falls
Snoqualmie Falls
More… Bridal Veil Falls
Then there were the frozen Falls in Snoqualmie Pass, this was Fraklin Falls. So much snow in this area!
Snoqualmie Pass SNOW!
Ok, I was getting a little tired of the snow after the 5th day of 9ft snow. I’m from Canada so I thought the coast would be a break. It is a big snow year out here.
Super happy I got to meet up with some Friends from Seattle for New Years. What better way to bring in the New Year than kayaking (orukayak) a bay in Seattle and watching the fireworks off the space needle?
We eventually made it to Cannon Beach! This is what I was waiting for!
A nice solo fire on the beach, what a life.
Cape Kiwanda was one of my favorite beaches, even after sleeping in the cold car it still may have been my favorite Day.
The best part of this wild trip was when we all thought we had one more day to visit the Red Woods, turns out it was Saturday and we forgot about my flight the following morning. We had one last dinner (where I got a burrito) and then drove through the night to Sacramento. I flew home that following morning. It was a really great and hilarious road trip.

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