A Goldie in Golden

I spent this last week in Golden, British Columbia. I was with a fellow friend and photographer Jeff Bartlett. We got down to business with cross country skiing, fat biking, downhill skiing, hiking and finished with a back country ski tour overnight in heated tents. Golden really is one of the best winter towns to visit! We kept so busy the entire time and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun. I pushed some of my comfort limits skiing and the feeling was fantastic afterwards. Here are some photos and captions of what we got up to. @tourismGolden @kickinghorsemtn @GoldenNordicClub @HigherGroundSports #GoldenRules #ThisHorseRules #GoldenBC

We started off to the Nordic Center where we met Magi, she was so patient as we awkwardly attempted cross country skiing. We picked it up quickly but still looked a fair bit awkward. After Magi warmed up with us she took off for her actual work out! One day we will get better, but until then it was a great time learning something new.
We then had the real work cut out for us as we went fat biking with Higher Ground Sports. Snow conditions were not in our favor particularly for fat biking but we went out regardless. Honestly it was so much fun. At least when you fall in the winter its soft snow you land in! I fell like 28 times… okay maybe more. The exercise was exactly what I needed though and I really enjoyed this. Winter can be a good time to get out.
Erie fog on the lake made for some awesome pictures.


We started early the next day getting high up on Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. We hiked up to Terminator One and it was surreal. The cloud in the valley was magic and I was nervous to drop down this side but Andy was great with showing me the best ways down. Turns out it was quite easy and super fun. The snow was pretty good too.
Can’t complain really…
Like really though…
Send it Andy!
After a day of Biking and skiing why not throw in a 9km hike to Wapta Falls? It was really easy to access actually and well worth it at sunset here. Such an amazing place. Jeff told me they kayak down these falls in summer, crazy right!?
Time to BRAPP! Off to the back-country of Golden with Adrenalin Ascents. M first time fully ski touring. Stoke was high.
We stayed in insulated tents right at the base of some gnarly mountain terrain. The tents had built in fire places and we had lasagna and wine for dinner. We really roughed it…
Get those skins on, it’s time for some work!
I was the only Female in a group of 8 men. This is my life on a daily basis. Apparently one of the guys told me that we were actually safer with one female because the men didn’t do  the more dangerous things because the need to protect the girl. So yeah I pretty much protected them all.
Safety first in the Back country folks, so while I was at KHMR I had a refresher course in avalanche safety and response. If you ever head out in avalanche areas (which is everywhere in the winter) you should take a course. They offer them frequently at Kicking Horse Mountain.
The SNOW GODS have shown!
Jeff stomping it hard down this upper Couloir. My deepest powder yet, it was like cloud surfing. What an amazing trip. Golden is one heck of a place to funhog.

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