Secret Trip to Truckee California

This past Weekend I was invited on a “Secret Trip” which ended up taking me to San Fransisco CA with the coolest crew of people. After having my car searched at the border and having all the officers laugh at me for not knowing where I was going, I finally made it to a hotel room outside the airport in SF. That’s where the adventure began and boy it was a good one!

After meeting all the people invited on the trip we headed out to an unknown destination curious at where the road would lead us. We discovered it to be a place near Truckee, CA! We got in later than we expected which caused a split decision to postpone the hike until the next day. We drove to Lake Tahoe instead and found an AirBnB to stay at for the evening. We made it just in time for sunset.
After an evening of delicious night of laughter and great food we headed out. We found out that we were hiking 8 miles to a Sierra club cabin for the night! With high spirits we set out on the PCT.  
We soon discovered how difficult the hike would be through hip high snow. It didn’t phase the group one bit however and we continued to trudge through with smiles and laughter.
Adam and Tim, goofy pictures were a staple.
Here is part of the group, Andy in the front as our fearless leader!
Silly guys.
This was the windy AF ridge. Yes it was quite the fight on the hike out.
So much snow!!!
Brooke was probably the most badass of all of us because she brought her 11 month old baby, Huck. A 16 mile hike with a baby in an overnight hut is no Joke. Huck did awesome though!
That feeling when you finally make it!
The fire was lit ASAP and we dried ourselves out and replenished our mental and physical resources. We had another amazing evening playing games, telling jokes, sharing stories and of course eating.
Mountain Mike was pretty much as cool as he looks.
Sad to leave and well aware of the work ahead, we headed out the next morning.


After a final dinner we said goodbye and my heart broke to see new friends go back to their far away homes (Like Kristen^ who lives in Alaska!)
I was lucky enough to hang out with Greg though, my flight was not until the next day in the afternoon so Greg agreed to hang around and play in San Fran with me for the morning. We spent the morning strolling down the beach with coffee and watching really funny birds.
Then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and the waves were HUGE. Greg did not want to stand here for fear a rouge wave would wipe him out.
We chilled out at Fisher-mans Wharf for the next little bit before I had to say goodbye at the airport. I hate goodbyes. The people apart of this trip are the best kind of people.

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