My Weekend with

IMG_2647A couple weekends ago I was on Assignment to shoot winter boots in beautiful Banff National Park for ( My two beautiful models are my close friends (one is my cousin) and we borrowed a Bull Mastiff named Allie for the weekend as well. Turns out I miss my friends from home (always being in the mountains) so I was glad I could bring them to the Mountains for a girls weekend! Here is what we got up to.

Starting our day at Two Jack Saturday it was COLD! no sunrise was no surprise from the blowing wind and cloud cover. We still made the best of it and the girls looked chill.
After that cold experience we decided the car was a better place to be. We made some hot drinks, decorated in the Christmas spirit and parked ourselves at Lake Minnewanka!
We took a Break for Breakfast and some “warm up” time and then made our way to Cascade Ponds. The wind was still blowing hard and we avoided going outside for at least 30 mins while we made snapchat stories. When we did make it out here, Randi told me I would never get a fire started in this wind. I see fire. Allie was getting cold and we were really just pretending the wind wasn’t that bad… after a few marshmallows we were OUT!
We stopped at Vermillion Lakes to get some ice skating in. No way this wind would ruin the short amount of time we had here in Banff. Allie was trying to not look so cold but in this picture she failed. She had to go back in the car quick. We lasted a bit longer on the pond though!
Allie is using Jordana as a Bum warmer.
We taunted Allie to stay still with some leftover Bacon from Breakfast. Failed though, she wouldn’t sit still without Jordy right beside her.
Sunday started off much better. We had a restful night at our lodge and then headed straight out to Lake Louise. It was still cold but the wind had stopped which made a HUGE difference. I hate wind.
Randi was looking all majestic in her Fjallraven and Cougar boots. Plaid is always the right choice.
Allie joined us for a walk around Lake Louise!
She was not happy when I needed to add Christmas to her face 😦
Snow Angels? Winter Essentials.
We headed down Bow Valley Parkway after Louise. I LOVE this road so much. If you have some time you should take this old highway and stop along the way.
Mt. Temple in the background off Bow Valley.
Those Santana boots looking beautiful in that snow!
Gotta hit that Castle Mountain Junction!
We found ourselves lost in the forest. I was okay with it.
Finishing our wonderful and exciting weekend off at Lake Minnewanka. The weekend was so much fun with two awesome friends (one being my cousin!)


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