Take me to the Tetons

We went to the Eden this past weekend to meet up with a wonderful group of @mountaingirls! Along the way I made awesome new Friends and had a great time playing in the Tetons on my way home. Here is a collection of memories.

Shae and I woke up before the crack of dawn in Eden to hike up this small mountain hill. We watched a beautiful Sunrise from here! It was a burner!
An absolute GEM of a new friend, Shay is taking in golden hour in the meadow. Such a beautiful day.
Logan and Shay displaying a wonderful hand woven blanket from Tribe & True (Etsy)
Shay and I went on the most beautiful hike in the Tetons! We were hiking down at golden hour.
Words can’t describe this morning. @howiwishiwasafish
Messing around off the road in the Tetons!
I stopped off in Yellowstone NP on the way home to capture some hot springs. This place was incredible.
What’s Montana without Fly fishing! A long but Delicious drive home through Montana.

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